With Apologies To… (A Musing on a Day)

Artwork by Sam Kieth (yes, the comic book artist)

Artwork by Sam Kieth (yes, the comic book artist)

Sometimes, there’s a day — a day that could start off like any other day, calm and unassuming and the like…

But, sometimes, there’s a day — hell, it might not even be a day. Could be a lonely desert night, Coyote howling for the Moon, the dry Southern breeze stirring up some distant echo in the soul…

But, sometimes, there’s a day — and I’m talking about today, here. Right now, the present moment in which you and I come to find ourselves conversing, confabulating on the metaphysical eccentricities of an eternally mystifying cosmic machine every bit as serpentine as anything you could read in one of them Cormac McCarthy books…

But, sometimes, there’s a… Ah, hell. Lost my train of thought!  But, I guess I done talked on this nothin’ of a day enough.

But, sometimes… Yeh just gotta Beat Yer Meat.

Schenkel, Mother Fuckers... (get it?)

Schenkel, Mother Fuckers… (get it?)

This post was made possible through the influence of, made as tribute for, made in defiance to, and made with apologies from me, offered to you… The Coen Brothers.  Everyone else I may have slandered, at this time, in the past, or the future, is just going to have to deal with it.  I can only handle one apology, and this post is senseless enough as it is…

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5 thoughts on “With Apologies To… (A Musing on a Day)

  1. Zappa is the man. I have a broad range of musical interests. Humans have enjoyed some type of rhythm and notes since thumpin’ logs in a cave. Music speaks to everyone it seems in some positive way. It’s part of us culturally, but I take it even further to be part of our actual construction. String theory (you probably are more versed in it than I) is based on vibrating “strings” on the quantum level. Different vibration, different particle. The piano of the Universe. I feel that’s why we all find some solace in it. It connects us to everything. We’re a walking song.

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      • Great quote! My life has been the same, if it’s not playing through some device, I become the device…drumming, singing, humming. My grandfather was almost always whistling. If he wasn’t, something had him very said. I think I get it from him.

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      • MAD desktop drum skills ’round these parts, yo. I get that from my grandpappy and my Pa, as well. I can’t thank them enough for instilling such an appreciation for rhythm and melody in me!

        Here’s another great one: “One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

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