Terrible Vibes All Around Us – Part IV – Hints


“…a sunny place for shady people.  I never meant to stay longer than a few years…”

It’s sentiment one hears often when mingling with the locals who call this sun-parched stretch of desert valley home. This is, of course, if one has managed to coax them into dropping their resilient armour of life-hardened, jaded detachment, which is not as simple a task as it sounds.  One must be patient, earn their trust…

Parts III – and III of Our Saga


Jenn Baby, my more intelligent, attractive, and all-around superior half, and owner of the seductive mouth from whence the utterance quoted above was birthed, has been in this fair city nearly a decade now.  Each year, as the roiling Pacific tides bring warm ocean breezes and summer weather East across the valley of the dead, the wanderlust is awakened in her sweet, tender loins, igniting desire for adventure, uncertainty, and movement.  But, each year, something anchors her here.


For now, it is the distance between our respective abodes that is our greatest obstacle.  Casually though fondly aquianted throughout most of our developing years in the Land of Enchantment, among the Four Corners, Jenn and I spent our 20s each doing our best to find a place or a path through this sometimes terrible, often strange but always magnificent world.  Through the omnipotent and infinite power of the Internets, we reconnected just over a year ago and flirted our way passionately and inappropriately into an intense and transformative long distance romance.  She is my constant spiritual grounding and my moon and stars, and I am her peculiar and imbalanced artistic hipster fury. 😉


In the meantime, we do our best to swap trips and maintain regular visits with one another. So, that is, in a nutshell, what brings Us here.  To Now.  But, what Then?!

Perhaps if I take a quick inventory of our stock here in this historical bit of seedy retro hostel kitsch — our “home” away from the distractions of local rooming mates and practical home-town concerns for a few days — I will be better equipped to proceed.  We need the Plan.  But first, We must know what it is we are working with.  Once once We have established context can we turn Our focus towards purpose…


We had two bags of potato crisps, seventy-five pellets of prescription crazy pills, five sheets of high powered Fruit Roll-Ups, a salt shaker half full of New Mexican soil, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored JuJu Bees, Sour Patch Kids, Butterfinger Cups, Pecan Twirls… and also a quart of Perrier, a quart of Sierra Mist, a case of Smart Water, a pint of raw cough medicine and two dozen ibuprophen.

Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious supply and junk food collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can…

Oh shit. No fucking Mountain Dew???

(With apologies and innumerable thanks to the Good Doctor)


Artwork by Ralph Steadman

Care to guess the inimitable setting of this curious tale of woe and madness? Hit Us up in the comments!

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