Let’s Play Literary Would You Rather! (6th Edition)

Let the games begin, shall we?! This seemed like fun, so I bit. Please visit the original post and its comments for answers from others!

1.))) Would you rather be a character from Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey?

Damn. Well, other than reading headlines accusing Shades of being a date-rapists handbook and a chronicle of all the wrong ways to explore BDSM, I don’t know much about that series. And if I am a character in Twilight, I would probably be a werewolf. Because I already have werewolf blood in me. Note to self, this is a story not yet told on WordPress…

2.))) Would you rather forfeit reading for the rest of your life or forfeit all food but bread for the rest of your life?

Man cannot survive on bread alone. However, this man has no desire to survive without the therapeutic blessings of the written word. I choose books and bread!

3.))) Would you rather be Gatsby or Daisy?

Gatsby, you flamboyant, obnoxious, narcissistic fuck. I just love you.

4.))) Would you rather never love again or never read again?

If I was to never love again, I have to assume this would include a love for books. Without that love, the impact of these tomes cannot be fully appreciated. I will read epic volumes between the lines written by her love.

5.))) Would you rather your eyeballs be located next to your bellybutton or have to quote Scarlett O’ Hara 10 times a day for the rest of your life?

Belly-button peepers?! You had me at located!

6.))) Would you rather be a literate member of a cult or an illiterate member of happy, healthy family?

If I were a member of a cult, and a literate one at that, it stands to reason that I would be the charismatic leader of said faction, for I will cede my will and my intellect to no one! And if you’re gonna go all psycho cult status, you may as well be the one in charge and with all the knowledge.

7.))) Would you rather have written The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, or Game of Thrones?

I could never possess the audacity to suppose I could be measured in the same class as Tolkien, and if I were to theoretically replace George RR with myself he might fucking behead me or slash me in the throat. Besides, if I were the author of Narnia, that wholesome theological epic might go a whole different way…


101 Books

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, so let’s bring back a little Friday fun with another version of Literary Would You Rather!

Let’s go:

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