A Mad Musing on Flight and Cheese

It seems the air base is out conducting tactical flight manueverations or some shit. Well, the people within the base, rather. Pilots, specifically, I am sure. They seem a bit confused, though. Where one might expect sleek newfangled 21st century jet engine technology, these silly bastards are out in single and twin engine fighter planes and shit, conducting ridiculously low fly-byes and kamikaze tactical manuevers and whatnot. Are we planning on going to war with the Japanese?! Somehow I doubt it. They love our zany American culture and our many vast and widespread tourist traps. And we buy all their cars. I’ll tell you who we’ve got o look out for — those too-polite Canucks up in Canada, sharpening their ice skates up at the North Pole and biding their time until they can come down en masse and take all our cheese!


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