Tripping With Dubya and Mother, Broken Bones and Metal Tones


We once met the frontman from Bad Acid Trip, hanging out on the lawn at Ozzfest the year System of a Down headlined for their “hiatus” tour. This was not long after we had road-tripped to Dallas to see both of those bands perform along with The Mars Volta. On the way back, I was too focused on my sweet, sexy cajun chicken from Popeye’s while trying to drive, and damn near sped us into the ass-end of a stand-still line of traffic on the freeway, itself gridlocked due to an accident involving a tractor. This is one of those “near-miss” moments I’ve talked about that I sometimes think actually killed me (us), making everything that has happened since a product of run-out electrical activity in a dying central nervous system. But that is another story…


The BAT vocalist was wearing a shirt depicting George Dubya Bush in an Islamic shemagh. Pumpkin, clearly overcome with veneration, complimented the guy on wearing a Mother Theresa shirt at a metal gig. Because, hey, they are basically the same person, right?! ;D


Later in the day, we also met the vocalist from Dragonforce and his magnificently curly locks of mighty gloriousness. I think that may have been the last year that Ozzfest was any good, right? A few years later, after the demise of the Ozz-Man’s tour and once Mayhem had moved in to claim the throne of Shitty Mainstream American Metal Festival, I would break my ankle in the moshpit during a fucking brutal set from Slayer. Yeah, I kept moshing…like you had to ask!


Why am I thinking about all this now, at 8:00 a.m. on a random Friday, and sharing the memory with all of you? Who the fuck knows. Have a nice day, yeh bastards! 😀



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