Jerome David, An Imposing Shadow


On a recent Netflix documentary kick I watched the outstanding film Salinger, about the late, somewhat reclusive author of Franny and Zooey, a handful of stories, and some other book that I can’t remember right now… #ImJokingYouPhony

In the film, one of J.D. Salinger’s associates (I’ve already forgotten who) remarked that, as the reluctant bard struck an imposing presence due to his stature and build, Salinger was often overly gracious and accomodating towards those in his company in a deliberate effort to mollify the unease he felt his presence fostered. This was, of course, before the man became Kurt Cobain famous and everyone started trying to crawl up his asshole…

Anyways, the point I was struck with is that it occurs to me I generally do the exact opposite. #MiserablePrick



"Why so serious?"


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