the body bleeds immaculate despondency


Having already laid claims of savage brutality over a swath of lands from Providence to Portland, experimental DOOM sufferers the body are steadily asserting themselves as perhaps the most devastating and uncompromising band in all of music.  The duo recently self-released a hand-crafted five-song EP entitled The Tears of Job to supporters of their “help the body get a van” Indiegogo campaign.


The EP includes an outstanding cover of Jane’s Addiction‘s “I Would For You” with haunting vocal contributions from frequent collaborator Chrissy Wolpert. It may be the most immaculately despondent thing I have ever heard in my life. If you can find it, go listen to it in a warm, candle-lit bath with a suitcase full of razor blades.


“You say my eyes are crazy eyes
Well, sometimes they are and so are you
And if you wonder what I would do
I would do anything if I could”


Out Fucking Standing. Bonus points, the EP’s second track, “Pillar of Lightening” includes a vocal appearance from Full Of Hell psychopath Dylan Walker, what is hopefully a mere glimpse into the fury we can expect from a forthcoming rumored collaboration between the two savage collectives, who also just happen to be forging a trail of desperate scathing across the country together as we speak.


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