Channeling Pessoa’s Detest In This, A Life Once Lost

This blistering track from deceased metalcore savages A Life Once Lost is, quite literally, what Fernando Pessoa‘s solipsistic musings would sound like if all of his heteronyms grew up listening to Slayer and started a band together. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how ALOL formed in the first place…

Indeed, much of the band’s lyrical and thematic content, most strikingly on the album Iron Gag, is influenced and informed by Pessoa’s writings.

I have to choose what I detest
Either dreaming, which my mind hates
Or action, which my awareness loathes
I am confused
I sit alone in silence
To focus more on the way that I am living

I am losing you
And this place isn’t comfortable
I retaliate by not speaking
So I guess I will lose

Detesting both, I choose neither
But since I must on occasion
Either dream or act
I mix the two things together



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