Hip Cynical Transcendence: A Rant on Sentiment, Fueled by The Talk



I’ve got The Talk on in the background while the Dish Network guy fixes all the shit his comrade fucked up during our install a few days ago. One of the vitally important topics I overheard them discussing was the recent breakup between Ariana Grande and Big Sean, and specifically their topic had to do with length of recovery time from a break up.

I don’t specifically personally give a shit about any of that as it relates to two pop celebrities I know nothing about. But, when did it become so admirable to act like life events such as a relationship ending don’t affect us? One of the vapid talking heads on the show made a remark about how it takes her 30 minutes or less to get over a break up, because that’s how long it takes her pizza to get ready. Seriously? Maybe the reasons your bullshit relationships don’t work out is because you’re so fucking full of yourself and your obsession with projecting an attitude of “stoic indifference” that nobody wants to put up with your narcissistic ass!

Bottom line, if you’re spending so much of your effort and psychic energy on pretending you don’t give a shit and aren’t affected by the people in your life, you will NEVER be open to any kind of love or affection from another person. So FUCK YOU.  Not only are you wasting the time and energy of anyone you try and fuck with, but you are leaving a trail of psychological and emotional damage in your wake.  Yet another factor behind the ever-increasing personal and emotional distance that seems to be perpetually growing between all people.  But you probably don’t even give a shit.

“What passes for hip cynical transcendence of sentiment is really some kind of fear of being really human, since to be really human […] is probably to be unavoidably sentimental and naïve and goo-prone and generally pathetic.” — David Foster Wallace


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5 thoughts on “Hip Cynical Transcendence: A Rant on Sentiment, Fueled by The Talk

  1. OMG. this is so perfect and 100% on the mark. when I experience a break up, I’m a mess for months! just the other day I thought maybe I shouldn’t be like that, maybe I should be like everybody else who tell me to get the hell over it and find someone else but… that is not me, i love with all my heart and all that I am and when it doesn’t work, I hurt with all that I am and for a long time. I don’t understand these idiots, do you? I love your writing, I know I tell you that all the time, but it is true!! Michelle

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    • Absolutely! If fewer people were so fearful of allowing themselves to experience their emotions, we might live in a much more loving and empathetic world. Wishful thinking…

      Thanks so much for reading and enjoying my stuff! We like to think we do this “writing” thing solely for ourselves, but anyone who says they don’t care about being read and appreciated is delusional or lying. 😉


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