An Intrepid, Wandering Hermit

Goddamnit if my happiest, most serene moments of any given day don’t always come when the “rest” of the world is asleep. It’s in these moments that I can’t imagine why I would ever try to deny that fact, that I absolutely prefer to exist in solitary and apart from everyone else. It’s also in these moments that I wonder how to reconcile my antisocial misanthropic isolationism with aspirations towards a more compassionate Buddhist sense of spirituality.

The struggle is real…


Image by Tim Burton

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6 thoughts on “An Intrepid, Wandering Hermit

      • All the greatest monks were solitary. It gave them freedom from the distraction of others so that they could work on freedom from the distraction of the mind.

        Once known, the distraction of ‘things that seem real but aren’t’ (pain and suffering are usually self-inflicted), they had something useful to say. You’re way past the beginning. You’ve identified the fucked up shit. Now you have to transform it by seeing ways out of it.

        That, or I may just be a cunt of a buddhist. 😀

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      • I suppose seeing the ways out, and choosing action over apathy in light of those paths, is the real challenge, ennit? To have the courage to soar above the abyss, this has always been my struggle. I suppose one must fear falling to have the strength to fly!


      • Do I really have to come over there are kick that hairy arse of yours?

        Thinking and writing IS the action. See the problem. ‘People are shit, unreliable, shallow, sanctimonious, etc.’ Now, if only ONE of them wasn’t, what would THAT look like? Describe it, and there’s your modern parable. Write to the potential human. Then get your hand off your cock and off the steering wheel. Spirit is the driver, so stop grabbing the wheel.

        Writing is the doing. Writer is the being. Go be it. Stop dicking about and getting caught in the problem, because you can’t solve it from there. Einstein said so.

        – The Dalai Demented –

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