Clipping ‘The Wire’


Image by Donald Smith

I only discovered the brilliance that is David Simon’s The Wire a few years ago, long after the series had concluded its run on HBO. I had heard of the show, of course, but made the presumptuous assumption that it was just another basic cop drama.

It is anything but. It is a show about a city, about life, about the basic struggles of righteousness and morality and existence, all told through the eyes of the city of Baltimore. “Balmer” is, essentially, the entire character of the show.

I took my time with each season, savoring it, reflecting upon and often rewatching those moments over and over. An hour inside David Simon‘s Baltimore is some leaden, taxing shit, and one would do well to take a moment here and there between experiences. I’ve been putting off viewing the final season for well over a year now. Not so much out of fear of finding out how it ends, but more out of mourning for an end that I don’t want to acknowledge is coming.

Now, as I sit on the precipice of experiencing the series finale, I am afraid of how it will all end. I know a little bit about this world, so I know better than to expect things to be left with any serendipitous sense of closure. Hell, we have already lost so much…and that is part of what’s frightening. Even what is left isn’t on any sort of a course for happily ever after.

And then, once it’s done…what does the show say now, in light of what Baltimore — and the entire country — is facing today?

Better get to it, then…


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5 thoughts on “Clipping ‘The Wire’

  1. The Wire is one of the greatest television shows ever created.
    ” Where’s Wallace?”
    Omar. Stringer Bell. D’Angelo. Marlo. Bubbles. McNulty and Bunk.
    Damn fine television.

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  2. I, too, love The Wire. I understand”savouring”. There have been some series I have watched slowly, watching an episode more than once before moving on and not wanting to watch an episode again because of knowing what will happen. I think I will now watch it again because you are right. Because of what is happening in Baltimore now which is just a symptom of a growing cancer that will continue to spread it is disheartening to know that the “powers that be” really want this to happen because it gives them the right to impose more control – to imprison more people to feed their money machine they won’t let anyone interfere with. My blog about Jamie is about our prison system and expendable people. The book I’m writing “Inside the Forbidden Outside” is on his life. The fb page connected is about this and much more.

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      • This game of life is sooo rigged against us in so many ways and it’s sad that people still swallow hook line and sinker that this is America. Home of the brave, Land of the free, a wonderful nation founded on Christian principles. maybe living with my head in the sand would cause me more happiness :-((

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