Cessation of All

It has been this consistent thing of late where I see a living thing and recognizing that thing in its perpetual suffering and mortality depresses me in horrific existential crisis to my fragile core and all I want to see as a cure is the cessation of all existence.

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4 thoughts on “Cessation of All

  1. Sometimes, life just sucks, and we are looking for the emergency exit. How to get out of here and out of this mad world?

    I have read loads of accounts of people who have had near death experiences. And the one thing that struck me is that consciousness continues to exist even if the brain is dead. And this surviving consciousness continues to create content just by thoughts.

    For example, here in Nanci Danison’s NDE:
    She realized that she just needed to think of something and there it was. Think of a tunnel. All of a sudden, there was a tunnel. Think of a meadow. Suddenly, there was a meadow. And all of it seemed so real. It was totally clear to her that she had manifested her environment by thinking about it first. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgrEl7flT20, 3:30-7:15)

    That made me think. It seems that escape is just not possible. Cessation of all existence is not possible. Even after death, we will always be consciousness creating something.

    That insight that escape is not possible has led me to make peace with the current moment. Not all of the times, but I am getting better at it.

    And the amazing thing is, that the attitude of inner peace with the current moment causes the outer world to change in miraculous ways. This is so amazing to watch. It is as if there is no outer world, and all of it ‘out there’ is created by what I have ‘in here’ (in my mind and my emotional state). With inner peace, suddenly life flows with a series of synchronicities and little miracles.

    Of course, it is difficult to get into inner peace when life sucks, but the many little miracles have convinced me that it is worth trying over and over again.

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    • What a wonderful point of view for me to wake up to! Inner peace has never felt more elusive or impossible than it does of late. But I am stubborn and deliberate, and I will keep searching! Thank you for sharing your perspective. 🙂

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      • Be stubborn and deliberate and never give up!! you will get there. The above comment byKarin is right on. Ceasing to exist is not the answer, ceasing to suffer is, and we can control all of that with our minds, looking inside instead of out side and choosing to see things differently. It really is our choice, though rarely easy. peace and love to you!

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