Under Construction

Besides those few half-heartedly pathetic attempts at drawing myself back into posting here, I haven’t really been active on this blog since my big, exciting psychotic break in 2015. And it took me too long but I finally admitted that I’m not the same person I was before that break, and so I’m not going to be able to approach my creativity in the same way.

Other things in other places have been documented. Life has been happening. It’s a bit chaotic at times. Eventually I’ll share all that here. I’m Bipolar. I’m occasionally psychotic. Four other dudes live in my head and take the reigns sometimes. I’ll fill in the rest eventually. Maybe.

One of the guys is Hank. Hank’s my bud and my foil. He’s the wvrm baby creature who lives in my spine and tries to control my brain. With mixedd results.

Hank and the rest of the Horde are going to feature into eventual content. There’s some idiocy on YouTube, a decent amount of documentation of the local Tucson heavy music scene on Instagram, a fucking circus on Facebook (I’m most active there), and Twitter is, as always, a bunch of shouting into the void. We’re involved in some music projects. We’re active in the local music community, to a certain extent. There’s been talk of getting a small record label going. Show promotion. General fuckery. The whole stupid thing amounts to a “brand,” in the capitalistic sense of the thing, and eventually this will be the hub for it all.

If we can stay fucking focused long enough. 😂 I’ll be the first to admit I’m only getting things done lately because I’ve been manic as fuck.

In any case, obviously, the site’s changing, it’s under construction, things are already in motion.

Saying goodbye to “Dharma & Belligerence: Rantings of a Free-Range Buddhist Hooligan”…

Saying hello to a sight dedicated to all things Hank The Wvrm and Hank-adjacent shenanigans.

We sent most of the afternoon trying to revamp and redesign the blog website. And I still fucking hate it.

All the old shit is still there. Somewhere. Probably.

This is as far as I got on the new shit. Which is essentially nowhere. I ran out of piss and vinegar before I could get as far as adding any new content, and now I’m tired and cranky and mad that the day is almost over and I generally just don’t give a fuck. For now.

Anyways, here’s the new website. Still very much under construction. I fucking hate it. Did I mention that?


Stick around though. It’ll get better. Probably. Maybe. That’s the idea, anyways!

And look around. There’s a few new features, some steps in the new directions. Don’t judge me though. I’m just getting started!

I gotta shut up now. Fuck’s sake…

2 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Good to see you back. Your posts always entertain. Unlike many others, you’re honest and not trying trying to fabricate a perfect online existence. I’d do the same, except it wouldn’t sell many children’s books.


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