Not A Proper Post (but here ya go)

The Wvrm, the Slvg, the Pillow, and the rest of The Horde are chock full of clonazepam and goddamn government approved freedom loving tax supporting medical marijuana and we’re on the bus with the most insane grindcore known to man blasting in our earholes and a bunch of other wack jobs on their way to wherever, headed to the ER at St. Mary’s Carondolet hospital to tell them all about our suicidal and homicidal ideation and see if we can’t get at least a decent 72 hour hold at a psych hospital to think about some shit. Wish us luck, and send smoke signals and well-wishes in the general direction of the Sonoran desert shrubbery where my spirit animal, a crow who doesn’t give a fuck about names or your problems, will probably get them to me. Or not. Who gives a shit. Love you, ya buncha fucking clowns…

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