A Video With Music and Things

I spent the better part of the day today trying to run from the voices in my head, so I buried myself in clouds of medical marijuana and creative pursuits, and came out with a pretty shithouse music video for one of my favorite tracks made by the band for whom I do vocals.  We’re called Timeless Static Void, if you click the band name it will take you to our Facebook page.  Check out the video below the band’s officially unofficial statement and let me know what you think in the comments!  But kinda go easy, it’s only my second time trying to make a music video with “found footage”…

Premiering the first ever music video from Timeless Static Void, for the song “Within The Diseased Mind” from our debut album There Will Be Grief, available to download via the link below!


Feel free to rip this video apart in the comments, it’s the second ever music video made by our vocalist and he works out of a tin can in an alley between Circle K and a check cashing front, so…



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