Negative Musings

Feeling rather diseased and noxious in the ol’ cortex and whatnot. I have the most curious urge to take a drillbit to my forehead. I probably won’t though, because I haven’t charged my drill in several years. 🤷‍♂️

Weird bunch of nonsense about my brand of crazy that maybe sort of explains the whole Hank The-Wvrm thing…

Some people (like my dumb ass) with bipolar disorder who also exhibit “psychotic features” can experience visual, auditory, and even tactile, or touch, hallucinations. For many years, when I’m in a particularly ramped-up manic state to where some of the psychosis kicks in, I’ve felt something thrashing about in my spine, right at the base of my neck. I also have a gang of voices in my head that sometimes create a racket when my shit is spinning out. Thus, Hank the Wvrm and the rest of the horde. Coping mechanisms and whatnot.

A new one that has been happening recently, like right now, is that it feels like there is something from a neighboring dimension trying to rip into the fabric of our reality through the area around my third eye. Like, some spaghetti monster or a light unicorn or some shit wants to birth itself through my forehead. What the fuck, right?

Anyways…you don’t really hear people talking about shit like this. Probably it doesn’t even happen to most people. And I’m sure I’m sharing too much, but fuck it. Sometimes it helps to talk about things so we don’t feel like we’re the only ones suffering in this world. Which, we’re not, right?

But yeah. Happy Friday! 🤪

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