“If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around, and it hits a mime, does anyone care?” — Gary Larson, The Far Side

I always come back to the desert.  There is a certain purity here, as though the desperation and struggle to survive in this most harsh of environments forces life to appreciate itself.  To exist in a truer, more urgent form, stripped of pretense or falsehood.  I feel like things obtain a more realized understanding of their own actuality in the face of such well-defined mortality.

Sonoran Desert Sunset, September 2014

Sonoran Desert Sunset, September 2014

I wonder…someday, after the world has come to recognize and celebrate my genius – too late, of course, for I will have tragically died, penniless and destitute, wandering the streets of some fair city, mad and rambling nonsensically from the sickness that has long destroyed my mind – do you suppose some renowned academic journal will painstakingly collect and publish my social media updates and text message soliloquies, much like the Collected Letters of Hemingway and Joyce?

* ‘Is he joking?’

* ‘I’m not sure…let’s just back away slowly…’

Heaven is a moment in the blissful light of your gaze.  For, in that pinhole of eternity, we are Everything. And we are Nothing.

There is an Asian family a few blocks from Our Place that, at least a few times a month, has at least one of their kids out in the front yard, squatting down with a scornful grimace, picking blades of pernicious Bermuda grass one at a time.  The Pack and I witness this occurrence regularly on one of our favorite roaming paths.  The Patriarch Apparent of this family is usually standing nearby, surveying the work in savage contempt.  I can only assume this is punishment for some dire transgression.  I also assume that these people are Korean, because I am an ignorant American and cannot tell Asian people apart, and I think Koreans are the ones we don’t like right now.THIS Korea, NOT This Korea

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