Couch Karaoke!

Your boy Hank and his boy the Beez get their Creed on! KINYOUUUTAKEMRRRHIIIIGHURRRRR!!!!! Couch Karaoke - Sangin' Some CREED! © Ryan Scott Sanders and Hank The Wvrm, 2014-2020. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be … Continue reading Couch Karaoke!

Bedroom Karaoke!

A while back, bored and laid up with a broken foot, I tried my throat at some low-key bedroom karaoke renditions of a couple of my favorite acoustic tracks by one of my favorite bands, the inimitable Clutch! Be disappointed below... Bedroom Karaoke - Clutch's "Tight Like That" (Acoustic) Bedroom Karaoke - Clutch's … Continue reading Bedroom Karaoke!

Hank’s Video Shenanigans

The blog has been updated with two pages to showcase my video idiocy! Visit OCCASIONALLY LIVE! NOT SOLD OUT! BEFORE TONIGHT! for album and live show reviews, live show footage, and self-produced music videos: Visit Like Someone Who Doesn't Know What Smiles Are For for humorous and entertaining accounts of madness and general tomfoolery: … Continue reading Hank’s Video Shenanigans

…art reflects life reflects art reflects life reflects… reflects life reflects art reflects life reflects... Experience shows us the objects of our obsession are reflected back at us from all corners. I have been consumed with feeling tossed aside, abandoned, of being failed by those I once felt closest to. So I see that in everything. Watching last night's episode of Better … Continue reading …art reflects life reflects art reflects life reflects…


Yes...YESSS... Let the seething, broiling hatred wash over and consume you...consume you like maggots on bath salts eating the face of all existence. #BrutalPoetry PRIMITIVE MAN are about to embark on an epic tour of the United Kingdom and Europe with Sea Bastard and Fister that will no doubt leave the whole of the continent … Continue reading LOATHE