Digressed Mind – Split With Pyewacket

• • Digressed Mind has some new noise hitting the streets and interstreets! This next release marks a momentous occasion. Our first physical release to date! The excellent Transitional Void Records released this split with Pyewacket, a dark ambient project based out of the UK, on limited edition translucent purple cassette tapes. I'm pretty stoked … Continue reading Digressed Mind – Split With Pyewacket

Terrible Melodies and Beautiful Things

Been a while coming, but I finally got one of my site pages updated and current! Terrible Melodies and Beautiful Things will be a running comprehensive document of my music and anti-music composition and recording efforts, largely explored through the lens of my solo harsh and experimental noise project Digressed Mind. You can navigate to … Continue reading Terrible Melodies and Beautiful Things

Digressed Mind – Essential Worker Lab Test – New Track!

Some months ago I created what has, until today, been the last piece of anti-music for my experimental noise project, Digressed Mind. Late last year, my trusty laptop got sick and we haven't been able to record anything since. Today, we said enough. . This track was created on my smart phone using the BandLab … Continue reading Digressed Mind – Essential Worker Lab Test – New Track!

Marcy Sings and Ryan Swings (Between Thoughts of Murder and Suicide)

Support the Human Extermination and Decimation Project. Obey your gods. Elect your masters. Kill your neighbors, then yourself. New Digressed Mind song and music video are live NOW. Music for human filth, composed by animal excrement. FOAD. Links below. Kill your neighbors then yourself. Music Video directed by Hank The Wvrm https://youtu.be/DA4DX-JniIg Digressed Mind on … Continue reading Marcy Sings and Ryan Swings (Between Thoughts of Murder and Suicide)