i desire but nothing

from everywhere prying eyes gaping maws it is from all time transfixed on this moment on me spikes of electrical current in my spine the worm roils awakened and afraid no path of reprieve the current overtakes me shocked into complacency i desire nothing but nothing.

Digressed Mind – Split With Pyewacket

• • Digressed Mind has some new noise hitting the streets and interstreets! This next release marks a momentous occasion. Our first physical release to date! The excellent Transitional Void Records released this split with Pyewacket, a dark ambient project based out of the UK, on limited edition translucent purple cassette tapes. I'm pretty stoked … Continue reading Digressed Mind – Split With Pyewacket

Hank’s Video Shenanigans

The blog has been updated with two pages to showcase my video idiocy! Visit OCCASIONALLY LIVE! NOT SOLD OUT! BEFORE TONIGHT! for album and live show reviews, live show footage, and self-produced music videos: https://wearetheryan.wordpress.com/like-someone-who-doesnt-know-what-smiles-are-for/?frame-nonce=f3113677ff Visit Like Someone Who Doesn't Know What Smiles Are For for humorous and entertaining accounts of madness and general tomfoolery: … Continue reading Hank’s Video Shenanigans

Terrible Melodies and Beautiful Things

Been a while coming, but I finally got one of my site pages updated and current! Terrible Melodies and Beautiful Things will be a running comprehensive document of my music and anti-music composition and recording efforts, largely explored through the lens of my solo harsh and experimental noise project Digressed Mind. You can navigate to … Continue reading Terrible Melodies and Beautiful Things