(the) Ryan, Hank, and the Horde


We suppose some introductions are in order?

Ryan came into being as a simple sort of bag of meat and calcium. Thanksgiving, 1981. A small, lonely corner of New Mexico. Raised by desert rats and an old Tom Waits record. Fed rotgut whiskey and charcoal briquettes. What happened next is less simple. Less clear.

Hank the Wvrm is the wvrm baby creature that lives in the spine of the body we inhabit. Hank controls our brain. Or so he thinks…

You’ll meet some of the rest of us from time to time. Skin Pillow doesn’t say much, but he doesn’t need to. Skin Pillow is of a benevolent disposition, a soft, ethereal alien being spawned of spore deposits from the deep reaches of space and covered in a thin layer of silk-like myelin “skin.” While benevolent, he is also the kind of guy whose good side you want to stay in front of. And ol’ Gus. Everyone knows a fella like Gus. Dude just wants to have a good time, relax, and let the day happen. Gus, a.k.a. Gustavo Pernicious, fancies himself a creative type, but mostly just “borrows” material from the rest of us.

The Negative Slvg, well… You can’t really understand the Negative Slvg without Hank. And you can’t really have Hank without the Negative Slvg. But don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re one and the same. Those two boys couldn’t be more different.

Sometimes we make noise as Digressed Mind.

Sometimes we rant and rave with some other swell guys in a thing called Timeless Static Void. Sometimes we scream and scream and other lunatics have been known to record it for “art.”

But mostly it’s just us. You’ll get to know us all. Some a little less than you’d like. Mostly you’ll wish you hadn’t asked.

Stick around…

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